zondag 24 mei 2020

Love in times of Corona - window poster

'Liefde in tijden van Corona'  - 'Love in times of Corona'

Schaarbeek (my municipality) is spreading love with 10 different window posters. They are completely free and ready to pick up on different spots in Schaarbeek. Find mine at the library and at Cache-Pot in Schaarbeek. Hang it on your window and spread love no virus. Check the other posters at www.1030love.com

zondag 12 april 2020

pop-up circus for a sick colleague

A few weeks ago a colleague of mine got really sick and ended up in intensive care in the hospital. My colleagues and I wanted to wish him a speedy recovery and sheer him up, so we sent him a enveloppe filled with happy pop-up figures. Each figure refers to a memory, a person or thing he likes, and to his sportive life-style in general. On the back and 'feet' we wrote him messages. Luckely he is cured in the meanwhile and we're very happy to have him back in our team!

donderdag 2 april 2020

In collaboration with GC Essegem (the cultural center of Jette, Brussels) and in the context of corona, I designed two post-cards which were sent to 500 elderly people, especially in retirement homes. 
On the back of each card a friend of mine (and staff member in Essegem) wrote a poem :). 

vrijdag 20 maart 2020

yoga time

I try to keep myself fit with a little bit of yoga every day. 
Hopefully I can finally reach my tows when the lockdown is over! 

woensdag 22 januari 2020

poster for new year's event

This poster I made for a new year's event in the cultural center in Jette (Brussels).
In the end I believe it feels a bit to summery, but yeah..don't we all miss a bit of summer in winter...?

We also made a banner for the event itself:


Logo design 'State of the Region'

Logo design 'State of The Region'

'State of the Region' is a collaboration between 4 Flemish social-cultural organisations:
De Federatie Sociaal-cultureel werk & Amateurkunsten, De Wakkere Burger, Kwadraet en Vormingplus. In this context 8 events will be organised, each one in another region in Flanders.
(Learn more about State of the Region)

Co-working on this project was really nice, especially getting complete creative freedom. 
I created one logo and applied it in 8 different colors. That way each event has it's own.
The logo's were used for promotion, invitations, newsletters, banners, decoration, etc.

zaterdag 31 augustus 2019