maandag 4 februari 2013

Trip to Angoulême

I made these eight drawings during a trip with our class to the International Comics Festival in Angoulême. We visited the festival three days long and stayed in three gîtes, an half-hour driving from the city. We visited the Comic Strip Museum, some expositions and publishers. We also went to a vernissage and did a workshop (silkscreening). It was a really nice journey, we had a lot of fun and I got really inspired by some work of illustrators and cartoonists. 

An overview of some memories of the trip.

Drawing in a comfortable sofa at the comic strip museum of Angoulême.

Chilling (and sewing) in our gîte. 

Some visitors at the 'Pavillon Jeunes Talents'.

Other visitors drinking a coffee.

One of the evenings we were all drawing in one of our gîtes.

Hélène and Anneke, drawing during a workshop.

Sitting in the car, driving back home (9 hours). We were all completely exhausted.

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