vrijdag 26 december 2014

'BXL NOORD gestript' in the press

This winter my masterproject will be exposed at the North Station in Brussels. Initially my masterproject was a comic book ('BXL Noord') about the North Station in Brussels and the people who pass there on a daily basis. In february the North Station itself will be turned over in a life-size comic book where you can read/see parts of the story. 
Here you'll find some articles (or movies) about this upcoming exhibition 'BXL Noord gestript'!

Article in 'Agenda' (10-16/10/2014)

Movie on 'Tv Brussel' (30-10-2014)

Article in 'De Standaard' (25-10-2014)

Article in 'Het Nieuwsblad' (25-10-2014)

Article in 'La capitale' (06-11-2014)

Article on 'Cutting Edge' (15 oktober 2014)

Article on 'Brusselnieuws.be' (08/10/2014)

Article on 'stripelmagazine.be' (22/10/2014)

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