donderdag 18 februari 2021

18 window drawings @ Citizenne, rue Dansaert

18 windows at Citizenne, rue Dansaert, centre of Brussels, above café the Walvis.
It was quite a lot of work, but a lot of fun aswell! 
Thanks to the team of Citizenne for the nice company! And the coffee!


zondag 24 mei 2020

Love in times of Corona - window poster

'Liefde in tijden van Corona'  - 'Love in times of Corona'

Schaarbeek (my municipality) is spreading love with 10 different window posters. They are completely free and ready to pick up on different spots in Schaarbeek. Find mine at the library and at Cache-Pot in Schaarbeek. Hang it on your window and spread love no virus. Check the other posters at

zondag 12 april 2020

pop-up circus for a sick colleague

A few weeks ago a colleague of mine got really sick and ended up in intensive care in the hospital. My colleagues and I wanted to wish him a speedy recovery and sheer him up, so we sent him a enveloppe filled with happy pop-up figures. Each figure refers to a memory, a person or thing he likes, and to his sportive life-style in general. On the back and 'feet' we wrote him messages. Luckely he is cured in the meanwhile and we're very happy to have him back in our team!

donderdag 2 april 2020

In collaboration with GC Essegem (the cultural center of Jette, Brussels) and in the context of corona, I designed two post-cards which were sent to 500 elderly people, especially in retirement homes. 
On the back of each card a friend of mine (and staff member in Essegem) wrote a poem :). 

zaterdag 31 augustus 2019

maandag 22 april 2019

Brochures for GC Essegem, cultural center of Jette

For the third time in a row GC Essegem* asked me to illustrate their seasonal brochure. 
And, yay, once again I have the honor to do whatever I want! Full trust :). Thank you Essegem!

The new brochure will be ready in august. Updates will follow.
This is what I made the last two times.

January 2019

For the last edition I drew a lot of mannekes. I don't know the English word for mannekes
little men? Small people? Anyway, I guess the photo's explain everything.

I also made postcards. Accidently they were delivered in A5 format, instead of A6. 
But with two stamps they can still be send (in Belgium at least)!

September 2018

Last summer I've been trying to draw whales for weeks. Since then I feel a bit more confident about my animals (they don't all look like mashed-up monsters anymore). I even decided to reuse some of my wale drawings for a pattern. And yes, it was a lot of fun!
I might try patterns again with other animals, like those long dogs. 
How are they called again? Teckels?

 * Gemeenschapscentrum Essegem: the Flemish cultural/community center in Jette.

zaterdag 30 maart 2019

Drawing bicycles and babies is fun!

Last month one of my best friends got a baby, a special occasion, since I've known her my whole life. I was asked to make the birth announcement and of course I felt very honored!
Even better: for the first time ever I didn't experience drawing babies and bicyles as a struggle.
(for the record: illustrated babies easily look like old grumpy men ór aliens, bicycles are just technical disasters). But this time... I really enjoyed drawing them :)!
To be repeated?